Reaching the Nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ


Patti had a burning desire in her heart for two years to minister in Africa. She didn't know how, when or with whom but she KNEW she was going! At the time, she didn't even know WHERE in Africa she would end up! But she knew that God had a plan and a purpose for her to minister there! 

His plan came to pass in November 2008!


Here's Patti's story...

In the spring of 2008 while visiting with our very close friend Sharif Iman, I met a young man named Terrence French. At the time I didn't realize what an important part he would play in my life. I KNEW that it was a "divine appointment" but did not yet know the purpose.

Then in August of 2008 Sharif told me he was going to Africa with Terrence & he believed that God also wanted me to go. I knew I wanted to go but didn't know if everything could be worked out in that short a period of time, I only had a couple months to fund raise!

But, God had a plan & purpose for me in Africa & all my financial needs were met in just a month's time! 

God's plan was to take us to Kampala, Uganada & that is where we spent a week worshipping, working, praying & building relationships with several men & women of God!

I left a piece of myself in the Ugandan soil & I already knew before I left that I would be going back!

I don't know when that time will come but when it does... Once again, it will be for God's glory & for His plan & purpose!





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